A revolutionary innovation for the 21st century

Geological & geophysical

Disrupting the geological/geophysical exploration market

Next generation digital, mobile, non-invasive system for advanced investigation, localization and 3D-mapping of natural resources to a depth of 10km.
The market is expected to see healthy growth with a CAGR of 6,5% reaching a TAM of USD 20+bn by 2030. Montlibre group with its technology xGeo have a convincing market fit that will bring clarity, speed and efficiency
to sites prospectation


1.) Conducting a study on the technologies of PEMS does not require the use of bulky vehicles, large-capacity vessels and significant human resources.

2.) The works are carried out without any harmful impact on the environment, i.e. PEMS method is absolutely ecologically safe.

3.) When using one set of equipment, research and interpretation of the information received (obtaining a graphical model of the field) takes three times less time than seismic surveys in a similar area.

4.) The possibility of conducting research in hard-to-reach areas - in forests, reservoirs, in marine areas, in wetlands, on steep slopes, in mountainous areas, etc.

5.) By the nature of electromagnetic anomalies, the PEMS method can determine not only the shape, volume, and coordinates of an object, but also determine how this or that positive structure is made (oil, gas, or water).