Investment Relations

Investment opportunity

We invite investors in our 1st round of investments.
We are in the preparation stage of launching xGeo/PEMS in the EU
countries, focusing on the Scandinavian countries, African countries,
and then worldwide. In parallel with new clients acquiring, we will build
a distribution network around the EU.
For now, we have 2 mobile devices (MVPs), developed software and qualified ready to travel staff.
MontLibre is ready for 1st contract abroad – short time to market!

Our Revenue Model – Parallel Revenue Streams

Our revenue is segmented by the industries:
- Mining
- Geothermal Energy
- Infrastructure and Building
- Governments and Humanitarian organizations

During 1-3 years our revenue consist of:

Main revenue stream (direct sales of service) – 70%
Extra revenue stream (indirect sales) – 30%

Indirect sales means sub-services commissions, leasing agreement fee, and data processing fee ~ by 10% of each.

A Developing distribution, after 3 years the indirect sales will grow and come to 40% and then to 50%.
We expect to scale up business worldwide.
We have patent in Ukraine and applying for PCT in EU and then in the USA.

Entering the EU market, we plan to get similar European patents as we plan to lease the equipment to our distributors in the future.

At the same time, some of the important technical information will not be disclosed and will remain secret as a ‘black box’.

Great Traction

Business idea, strategy
Patenting, web site development
Fieldwork, testing

Focus on EU market Passed through the SFG accelerator program

Now Inviting investors

Research and EU Patenting
Launching. 1st European ‘reference’ client

New EU clients acquiring
Distribution building
Collaboration with an EU market leader
Approach the African market

Focus on North American market
Research and Patenting
Collaboration with a market leader
Business scaling

•    We are a Market Changer
•    Our  technology  is  decades  ahead  vs  competitors  in  all  main parameters
•    Short time to market
•    Professional highly motivated team, enable to succeed the targets
•    We operate on the valuable and fast growing world markets
•    Parallel revenue streams model
•    Scalable business model

How we scale up - and expand faster

The capital will be used for deployment of usage of drones in exploration, which in turn will 
allow us to do geological exploration faster, become flexible and much more mobile, become even more attractive to the customer vs competitors and be able to process more projects.

The investments will also help us to accelerate access to new markets and scale up the business.

We consider two options of Trade Sale:

● Exit Strategy to industrial partners 
● Distributors

Further Contacts - Complete investment memorandum with details upon signed NDA.

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