Scanning with drone

A direct current pulse are transmitted from the drone and a electromagnetic field from Earth are received and processed.

Bringing innovation to geology…

Integrating mobile PEMS* (Pulsating 
ElectroMagnetic Sounding) and drones into 
a complete service solution Applicable for all forms of advanced geological and deep geotechnical 
investigations Precision as deep as 10km

…with precision - giving detailed reports-in 2D, 3D and 4D

Research detection and monitoring


We have a patented method of searching for mineral deposits, our own patented equipment, a team of highly qualified geophysicists, geologists and interpreters.
Our complex allows us to identify and evaluate the deposit with great accuracy in a short time. The accuracy of determining the location of the deposit in space is up to 0.5 m in area and depth of 10 km.
Search for deposits
- Search for deposits of oil and gas, diamonds, ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals (gold, platinoids), rare and rare earth metals, colored stones, underground waters, etc. 
- assessment of the territories and the shelf zone for the prospects of oil and gas potential.